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One on One Training

One on one training is focused on only you, with a custom program fit to your goals so you can reach your ultimate potential  in the fastest most efficient time frame.  Also included is nutrition counseling, weekly check ins, and motivation that will get you inspired to always do better.  Cost will depend on the trainer, one hour options and thirty minute options are available for your busy life and convenience.  Be sure to check out the "Meet the staff" page in the "About" tab to see our trainers and choose which one would work best for you! 

Small Group Training

Everything is better in groups!  Get all the benefits and fun of personal training but with friends.  Reach your fitness goals in the best way, with social support and accountability.  It's hard enough going it alone, but with our expert training staff and friends, success is possible!  Be sure to check out the "Meet our staff" section in the "About" tab to see what trainer would best fit your fitness goals!  Together we can achieve more. 

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"Revive" Women's only group training

Being a woman in a gym can be uncomfortable, intimidating, and for some...downright scary, but here at Fitness Experience we are here to change all of that.  In Revive women's training, we empower you to be confident with exercise.   This small group training encompasses a minimum of 25 minutes of cardiovascular interval training and 20-25 minutes of full body resistance training.  Revive comes with meal plans, stress management techniques, and education on how to live a healthy life.  These classes take place in our group training area next to the main gym floor, so that  you can become familiar and get comfortable exercising in any environment.  Don't let intimidation get the best of you anymore ladies, our gym is for everyone!