Starting at only $19.99 per month!  

All of our memberships have the option of an annual agreement or month-to-month term.  We have memberships to fit the needs of everyone; teens, single adults, couples, and families.  We routinely have specials, so call or come in to meet with our staff and trainers.   

Also, check with your employer and health insurance company as you may be eligible for a discounted gym membership!  


Our basic membership is a great place to begin your fitness journey.  Along with access to all of the available equipment, a basic membership includes:

  • A Personal Fitness Assessment with one of our well-educated trainers
  • Optional Weigh-In and Body Fat % Calculation 
  • Individualized Program Set-Up 
  • Group Fitness Classes
  • Starting at $19.99 per month

Someone is always available to help give you a "spot" or show you how to use the equipment.  


FITT Camp is more than a class...experience group training that takes it to the next level!  Get the results you are looking for all while having fun with friends. These classes are taught by one of our excellent trainers and are 1 hour in duration, maximizing your time at the gym.  Each class will consist of a warm up, followed by high intensity exercise, then medium-to-moderate level intensity exercise, and a cool down period.  This class focuses on the following:

  • HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)
  • Plyometric Agility Improvement
  • Functional Strength Building 
  • Endurance and Flexibility
  • Constant variety to avoid plateaus
  • FUN!

*Basic Membership Included


CrossFit is a workout founded upon functional movement of high intensity and constant variation. The CrossFit program is for anyone and everyone, with modifications that can be made for any movement, weight, or skill, making it the perfect workout for people of all levels of fitness.  Each class is 1 hour and includes a warm-up, stretching, skills practice, and a "workout of the day" aka WOD, along with post-WOD stretching/cool down.  WODS can range from 5 mins to 45+ mins in duration.  

Our  coaches spend a great deal of time programming your workouts to ensure you get results, with injury prevention in mind; avoiding overuse of one muscle group day after day.  If you do have previous injuries, our coaches take pride in and use their education and experience to tailor a workout for you.  You simply cannot get this kind of personalized attention at any other gym with the experience and education of our coaches.

**We offer discounts to military and first responders, where memberships are as low as $105 per month.  We also have punch cards, 10 visits for $100 for those who want to do CrossFit but cannot make it in as often as they would like, for those who travel to the area regularly, or those who want to try it out. 

**FITT Camp & Basic Membership Included

Barbell Club

Iron Barbell club is our Olympic weightlifting and strength training club that focuses on the Snatch and Clean & Jerk,  and the variations of those lifts.  Core strength, hip strength/mobility, shoulder strength/mobility, and flexibility are emphasized.  Barbell Club is a great training regimen that can improve strength, power, body composition, athletic ability, and over all health and fitness.  This class is not just for members that want to compete at Olympic weightlifting, but for all, no matter your fitness level and is a great way to really challenge yourself mentally and physically. 

This program runs in 10-12 week cycles, and each program is tailored to the individual, no matter your experience level or previous injuries.  Barbell club is open to everyone; those with little or no olympic weightlifting experience, to someone with years of experience, and all that fall somewhere in between. Everything is laid out for you in detail so that you can grow and improve day by day.  You cannot find another place were the attention to detail, care for lifters, education, and experience can be matched, it is simply the best. 

Barbell Club is coached by Alec Olson, former football player at Western Oregon University and current nationally competitive Olympic weightlifter.   He has been working under head strength and conditioning coach at Western Oregon University, Cori Metzgar since 2014  where he acquired his coaching experience.  Alec holds a USAW weightlifting coaches certification along with a personal training certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. 

**We offer discounts to military and first responders.  Memberships start at $105 per month and  we also have punch cards, 10 visits for $100. 

**FITT Camp & Basic  Membership Included