Our basic membership is a great place to begin your fitness journey.  Along with access to all of the available equipment, a basic membership includes:

  • A Personal Fitness Assessment with one of our well-educated trainers

  • Optional Weigh-In and Body Fat % Calculation

  • Individualized Program Set-Up

  • Group Fitness Classes

  • Wide Variety of Fitness Equipment

Someone is always available to help give you a "spot" or show you how to use the equipment.  

$39/month 1 year agreement OR $45 month-to-month + $69 enrollment fee


FITT Camp is more than a class...experience group training that takes it to the next level!  Get the results you are looking for while having fun with friends. These classes are taught by one of our excellent trainers and are 1 hour in duration, maximizing your time at the gym.  Each class will consist of a warm up, followed by high intensity exercise, then medium-to-moderate level intensity exercise, and a cool down period.  This class focuses on the following:

  • HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

  • Plyometric Agility Improvement

  • Functional Strength Building

  • Endurance and Flexibility

  • Constant variety to avoid plateaus

  • FUN!

Also included with FITT Camp Membership

  • Unlimited FITT Camp Classes

  • Group Fitness Classes

* $80 month-to-month + $79 Enrollment Fee

* $74/month - 1 year agreement + $79 Enrollment Fee


Revive is a women’s only group training class, empowering and building confidence with exercise. This small group training encompasses cardiovascular interval training with full body resistance training. Revive helps you become more comfortable and confident in your own body.

  •  A minimum of 20-25 minutes of cardiovascular interval training

  • 20-25 minutes of full body resistance training

  • Progressive cardiovascular training program

Building confidence with every stride!

 Also included with the Revive Membership:

  • Unlimited Revive Classes (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)

  • Unlimited FITT Camp classes

  • Group fitness classes

 *$119 month-to-month + $79 enrollment fee

* $109/month - 1 year agreement + $79 enrollment fee

Kids Club

  • $23 Unlimited Access for the Month (2 hour daily maximum time)

  • Hourly Rate Options also available

Kids Club Hours

  • Monday - Friday 9:00-12:00pm

  • Monday - Thursday 4:00-7:30pm

  • Friday 5:00-7:30pm

  • Saturday 8:15-11:00